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Ground Plane

This is my first attempt at making a ground plane in eagle. Hopefully it will sort out some of the problems I was having with the first PCB I made. I have also thickened the trace that led to the right channel, as one speaker was much louder than the other.


TDA2009A Chip Amp

This is my first attempt at making a printed circuit board as well as making an amplifier. It came out much better than expected, and sounds great too!

The chuck barely holds the tiny bit.

My first PCB, thanks to cdx2000 for helping me design the PCB in eagle.

Hooked up to power as well as a speaker. The resistors that are standing way off the board are only temporary as their value adjusts the gain, and they are much higher than recommended currently (Although sound quality is good). I used the boombox as a power supply.

Sometime in the future I plan to make another boombox with this chip amp (or multiples as you can bridge a few of these chips for more power) instead of using the power sucking car stereo.
For all of the arduino and POV type kits available, there does not seem to be much on the internet in terms of dead simple chip amp kits. I think that might be my endeavor.