Big Orange Boombox

Here are some pictures of the boombox that I took in the spring, while procrastinating instead of painting.

The stereo was made from a construction sign. I used a CNC router to cut out the panels and make holes for the speakers and ports. This wouldn’t be hard to make without a CNC, but my school had one so why not!

The top houses a car stereo. Above the stereo is a plate I made with external speaker output, USB charging, line in. Most of this is now redundant as I had to replace the car stereo ($100), and these days stereos come with USB, SD, and line in.
At the top right is the power connection for charging the stereo. It charges from a car battery charger.
The battery was a surplus 7Ah gel battery ($12) originally from princess auto, until it exploded. The new one is from canadian tire ($30)- they stock it as a replacement for one of their kiddy toys.

The speakers were salvaged from the side of the road. They are not very high end, but they were free. To get close to making the right size enclosure, I took measurements of the rotten speaker box that they came in, and then recreated that same volume when I designed the boombox.



I figured now was as good of a time as any to start a blog, and given that it’s on my 20th birthday, I’ll have an easy time remembering the site’s birthday. Maybe I should get married on my birthday too? One less thing to forget…